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Stay Real Alwayz EP by Crazie K!D AnonYmous

Posted by [email protected] on December 3, 2015 at 9:00 AM Comments comments (4)

Band/Group/Artist: Crazie K!D AnonYmous aka CKA

Title: Stay Real Alwayz (EP)

Genre: Hip-Hop

Producer(s): Various Producers

So, we had the pleasure of reviewing another project released by DA ILL Crazie K!D AnonYmous. We've been waiting for months to hear this guys new music and hoping that it would be greater than his last project----and it is! If you don't know about CKA then you most definitely are sleeping on real hip hop music from the underground. If you missed his last album collaboration with Fat Man Elite, no worries because it's available on Bandcamp right along with the "Stay Real Alwayz" EP. BTW we rated his last project "Da ILL: Taking Over The Throne" 5 Flames it is that damn good! Check it out! 

As far as this project goes, we were almost at a loss of words because CKA lyrically stole them all! The King is a lyrical beast throughout the entire EP. His sound = gritty. His style = real. Crazie K!D blessed every beat and every beat blessed his skills without a doubt. If you're a true hip-hop lover then you will not be disappointed at all. His producer team are A1 Official..definitely 5 flames! To name a few of the talents that made these raw beats: FME, Q-Will Thee Elite, ILL Clinton, Loyal R.M & more.

Favorite Tracks: Foundation (Produced by FME) and Justified (Produced by Q Will Thee Elite)






Listen Here: www.craziekidanonymous.bandcamp.com/album/stay-real-all-wayz-ep-2

Get It Girl!!

Posted by [email protected] on July 2, 2015 at 10:45 AM Comments comments (0)

These women are what we call "Community Models" aka "Role Models"


Several days ago I was on the People Empowerment Program Instagram (@PEPProgram) and came across a dope page that is strictly for women on the grind. After close examination I decided to reach out to them and they were sweet enough to respond back instantly! Now as you know, it can be pretty hard at times to get a response back from people on social media, so I was rather impressed.


The owners of this awesome new movement are God, Jaree Brown, and Jalisa Ray out of Maryland. These Queens are making moves and they are also helping other Goddesses make bigger moves by giving them more exposure! If you're a female entrepreneur or business woman and want to be their "Get It Girl" of the week then contact these women today!!


Twitter: @GetItGirlGlobal Instagram: @GetItGirlGlobal Facebook: Get It Girl Global




Best wishes and much success on your future endeavors Queens!

Written by: -Nikey Pasco aka L.A.Q

Also Available On: Like A Queen

Model of The Month 4-1-15

Posted by [email protected] on April 1, 2015 at 7:05 AM Comments comments (0)

We had to catch up with the beautiful "Empress Desire" and see how life has been treating her! Read this interview and follow her!

Empress Desire

Height: 5'5

Weight: 130 lbs

Measurements: 31- 26- 32

L.A.Q: Well now that we finally got a chance to catch up with the beautiful melanated model "Queen Desire" we have a few questions to ask you for our viewers and your fans.

Empress Desire: Thank you for the compliment, I'm busy a woman. It's great to finally meet you!

L.A.Q: So Miss. Desire how long have you been in the modeling industry?

Empress Desire: I've been modeling since February 2015.

L.A.Q: Did you always want to model and if so for how long?

Empress Desire: Yes, I've always wanted to become a model, since I was 14 years old. As I was growing up people have always asked me if I model or consider me as a model. My response would be maybe oneday, when I come across the opportunity and meet the right people than I won't turn down that opportunity.

L.A.Q: Well it's great to see that you are now pursuing your dreams! Being a woman of such rich melanin do you find it harder to get modeling jobs?

Empress Desire: To be honest; yes, it's hard since I'm just getting into the industry. I know that it takes time, patience and dedication. Nothing comes to a sleeper but a dream. God's timing is perfect timing.. We all know that we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us. Got to keep your faith!!

L.A.Q: My advice to you is to keep following your dreams and don't let anyone destroy your ambition. Only you can make your dreams come true so don't ever give up.

Empress Desire: Thank you for the advice Queen, I needed that!

L.A.Q: Do you have any advice to the aspiring models out there that might end up reading this interview?

Empress Desire: I will tell them the truth and won't sugar coat anything about this industry. I will give my perspective on what modeling is about and how young models can progress in her career. My advice is if you are new to the industry, you should never turn down the opportunity to work with top designers, even if you are not being paid. An editor may see you walk in a show and decide to use you for an editorial spread. A model has to be prepared for opportunities, and that requires doing more than looking up a few things on the internet and posing in front of the mirror.

L.A.Q: Great advice and I hope it helps other aspiring models! So, what is your one year goal and how do you intend on achieving it?

Empress Desire: My one year goal is to be signed to a top notch modeling agency. I intend to achieve my goals by: work, work, work and more work on becoming better than I was the day before.

L.A.Q: Much success on that and all of your future endeavors! You never know who is looking into signing you ;) Now to get a little personal for your fans, future fans, and our supporters; what is your zodiac sign?

Empress Desire: I am an Aries... Natural born leaders and pioneers...

L.A.Q: Wooooh I know all about them fire signs girl! Given that I am a fire sign too, us fire signs don't play and we are the bomb.com (laughter)

Empress Desire: Yes, queen you know all about us Fire signs.. Picky from time to time but it's all out of love. (smile)

L.A.Q: What's your favorite food?

Empress Desire: I honestly can say I don't have no favorite food. I just love to eat (laughter)

L.A.Q: (laughter) I heard that and so do I!! What's your favorite dessert?

Empress Desire: Of course chocolate is my favorite dessert. Who doesn't like chocolate? (giggles)

L.A.Q: What do you enjoy doing on your free time?

Empress Desire: During my free time I'm thinking of a master plan, talking with God, becoming a better me, spending time with my family, listening to music, reading and networking (Outside of social media, FB and IG)

L.A.Q: Okay then! That's nice and it's great to network and build your name. Now let's cut straight to the chase! Every man on social media has been googly eyed over your cocoa brown skin and extroverted persona. Do you mind letting the viewers know if you are off the market?

Empress Desire: Currently I am single. I have a few male associates, nothing more than associates (laughter) nothing serious! I find it hard to take a man serious nowadays so I will be single until God places the right man in my life. So for now I'm just living and enjoying my life to the fullest. You only live once!

L.A.Q: Great answer and thanks for letting that known for our following. How can our viewers reach you and where can potential photographers, magazine owners, etc reach you at?

Empress Desire: You can reach me on FB, IG, personal email or Twitter.

FB - Desire' Turner IG - ChocolateModelForYou Twitter- BeautifulGuh5 Email - [email protected]

L.A.Q: Time to wrap this up now, thank you so much for taking the time to interview with 710 EMG and Like A Queen! We all look forward to seeing more of you in the near future.

Empress Desire: You're welcome Like A Queen! Thank you for your interest in my model career. I'm glad that I got the chance to meet and talk with you on today. More of my pleasure so once again, "Thank You" Be blessed!

Interview by: Queen Kaiya aka Nikey Pasco

Interview on April 29th, 2015

Interview also available on 710 EMG and Like A Queen

Phenomenon - The Prequel

Posted by [email protected] on December 12, 2014 at 9:30 AM Comments comments (2)

Band/Group/Artist: Phenomenon

Title: The Prequel 

Genre: Hip-Hop

Producer(s): Various 

This mix-tape review is long overdue and to be quite honest you all are sleeping on the major talent and versatility displayed throughout "The Prequel". I actually enjoyed sitting back doing work and vibing to Phenomenon's smooth lyrics and beat selection. Phenomenon has an indigenous style that is definitely missing in the Hip-Hop scene. If we were to give his style a comparison (which there really is none) we would put him in a category with Scarface, Geto Boys, with a fine mix of the "Strictly 4 My N.I.G.G.A.Z " 2 Pac. The beat selection is some of the illest tracks we've ever heard!! To name a few of the producers : Alchemist, DJ Premier, Eminem, & 9th Wonder. That alone says a lot! Phenomenon also chose great samples/skits for this project...it's a must hear! The only complaint that we have with this project is that it is a little hard to keep up with the track numbers given the fact that this mix-tape is on YouTube. Just take a minute to sit back and press play on "The Prequel" and enjoy this street tape!

FAVORITE TRACK(S): Dead Beat Daddy (Produced by T.T) and Bad Boy Epidemic (Produced by Dylan Graham)






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Si-Notes - 'TheSurplus'

Posted by [email protected] on October 18, 2014 at 10:00 AM Comments comments (7)

Band/Group/Artist: Si-Notes

Title: The Surplus

Genre: Hip-Hop

Producer(s): Various

Si-Notes is one of Baltimore City's hardest working underground artists of the year hands down! We give her that title because it is well deserved after keeping an eye on her accomplishments over these past few years. 'The Surplus' is one of Si-Notes most highly anticipated mix-tapes so far. This mix-tape is loaded with banging beats and sick lyrics that flow through from track 1 all the way through track 14 non stop. 'The Surplus' failed to show Si-Notes' strength on creating a full length record; given the fact that 9 out of 14 tracks were not full length songs. Although this mix-tape failed to show her strength in that particular area, it did not fail to show Si-Notes ability to spit on any kind of beat.'The Surplus' beat selection is a perfect blend of the North East and the South which displays Si-Notes versatility all across the board. This Baltimore native definitely held her city down throughout the entire mix-tape! If you want to hear and judge 'The Surplus' yourself then download it today!

FAVORITE TRACK(S): Stay Dat Bitch, Warnin Shots, and Bad (remix)








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NTG - 'Epic'

Posted by [email protected] on October 18, 2014 at 10:00 AM Comments comments (9)

Band/Group/Artist: NTG

Title: Epic

Genre: Hip-Hop

Producer(s): Various

This mix-tape review is on Natalie Mann best known as "NTG" straight out of Philly. This recording artist isn't your typical "artist" at all; she is the "Nat Of All Trades" and a true hustler indeed. Being that NTG is a Coast 2 Coast/ Black City Hustla/ Stack Up DJ and an Emcee, we was amp'd to receive her submission! 'Epic' is a 22 track mix-tape that allowed NTG to express her passion for music through her lyrics and several classic beats. NTG is a very unique artist and her MO in the game is laudable by far! What you will hear from NTG is not what you will hear on your FM radio station. She is lyrically inclined and most definitely an Emcee! The only thing that we wasn't feeling too much were the majority of the hooks on this mix-tape. We all know that hook is the "Bread Winner" and without that catchy hook on a dope beat, you won't have a smashing hit. A lot of those hooks could have been much better but hey....NTG still delivered in a major way! You can be the judge!!

FAVORITE TRACK(S) : I Don't Need, Never Can Say Goodbye/My Style, Baddest In Here







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Posted by [email protected] on October 10, 2014 at 12:30 AM Comments comments (13)

Band/Group/Artist: Da Kidd Half


Genre: Hip-Hop

Producer(s): Various 

This album review is on a very dexterous underground Hip-Hop artist/producer from the East Side of Atlanta that goes by the name 'Da Kidd Half'. Let's be completely honest here; as far as lyrics go, you will hear that new school Atlanta sound that is popular now. If you enjoy that sound then you will have a great liking for  'Da Kidd Half's'  lyrics! This LP has features from some of today's artists such as Young Thug, HQ Jonez, and Willy Hendrix to name a few. Two of our favorite songs are "Lee Em At The Door" and "Steak &Shrimp" so check those out! This album is loaded with sick beats that we do not hear on the radio at all! Da Kidd Half did not follow any trends when he put together this project. You will not hear your typical trap, drill, and snap music on this album. The production on 'Ea$tsidecool' most definitely "made" this anticipated LP a winner!


FAVORITE TRACK(S): Lee Em At The Door, Don't Try My G, and Steak & Shrimp







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Mark Hall- Anti-Them

Posted by [email protected] on October 9, 2014 at 11:40 PM Comments comments (13)

Band/Group/Artist: Mark Hall

Title: Anti- Them

Genre: Hip-Hop

Producer: Various 

This album review is on the Columbus Georgia native, Bay Area born multi-talented Hip-Hop artist/producer Mark Hall. 'Anti-Them' is not your usual modern day ATL sounding mix-tape with repetitive hooks. Mark Hall is definitely gifted when it comes to lyricism and he chose the right beats to spit on - on every track. Mark Hall came at a lot of the new mainstream rappers necks...even calling them out by name! He feels like these rappers out now are not lyrical or talented like him. A few of y'all rappers might need to step ya bars up a notch...no shade intended.

If you're looking to hear deep lyrics and beats that hit from the East to West and even the south, then 'Anti-Them' might be the mix-tape that you've been waiting on! Check it out below.

FAVORITE TRACK(S): Tribute To The West, Anti-Them, and Young Wild.







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Lil Kim- Hard Core Mix-Tape

Posted by [email protected] on October 1, 2014 at 1:55 PM Comments comments (4)

Band.Group.Artist: Lil Kim

Title: Hard Core (Mix Tape)

Genre: Hip-Hop

Producer: Various Producers

This mix-tape review is on Brooklyn's Queen B herself...Lil Kim! After a couple of long waited years Kimmie Blanco finally dropped 'Hard Core' the mix tape on September 11th. We had to see what the hype was about that she has been creating for so long so we downloaded her mix tape and reviewed it. For the most part the Queens mix tape was straight (okay) and the beat selection was on point. We're not too fond of how Lil Kim came off rapping like the new age artists on a lot of the tracks because we all know the era that she came from spit nothing but heat. We was expecting to hear gritty, grimey, crack lyrics but we understand that she is obviously trying her best to keep up with the "trend" that is out now. She brought back the infamous "ugh" on sevreal of the songs and spit that fire that we've all been missing from the lady Emcees. This mix tape has dope features from artists such as; Jada Kiss, Cassidy, Yo Gotti and more! Check it out and you be the judge of 'Hard Core' the mix-tape.

Favorite Track(s) - Stadium Music feat Yo Gotti, Migo feat TLZ Young Bonds, Kimmie Blanco, & Trendsetter in no particular order. Dope beats, lyrics on point, hot hooks, and creativity is there too!!

Least Favorite Track(s) - Haterz feat B.Ford. The beat hit hard and everything else is just wack! Lil Kim tried too hard on that song to make a point that didn't have to be made. We all know that you have haters and they multiplied since the New School "Barbie" stepped in the rap game. If you are doing something that some one else can't do, failed at doing, or is scared to do, then you will either have supporters or the typical haters. The track 'Haterz' was a complete waste of studio time and that is just our opinion.

Hey Kim, if you are reading this we want to speak on behalf of thousands by saying that your actual album if way over due. Your fans/supporters are still waiting. So when ever you do decide to release your next album....don't let them down!





'Hard Core' 

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'Give Me Credit 2' (MIX-TAPE REVIEW)

Posted by [email protected] on October 1, 2014 at 1:25 PM Comments comments (75)

Band/Group/Artist: Various Artists

Title: Give Me Credit 2 (Hosted by Mix Master Cash & Mr Wowzers)

Genre: Hip-Hop

Producer: Fiya On Da Track

This album/mix-tape review is on the ATL resident, Mobile Alabama raised, award winning Fiya On Da Track. 'Give Me Credit 2' is a sequel that displays beats created by Fiya featuring various artists throughout the United States and it's hosted by Mr Wowzers of Slip-n-Slide DJ's and Mix Master Cash of Coast To Coast DJ's. To name a few artists featured on this mix-tape are: Cheeto Gambine, T Bird (That's Just My Baby Daddy) and T- Pain. The majority of the artists on this mix-tape are underground and you can hear the hunger on most of the tracks, but at the same time there's a few featured artists that should find a different career path. The beats are overall nice but sometimes when you hear a mediocre/unremarkable "artist" attempting to ride a sick beat...the beat crashes :/ We will let you be the judge!


Favorite Beats- Tracks 4,10, and 14 in no particular order. Fiya On Da Track really showed her a** on those beats and you can probably see why she won 2 awards this year and has been nominated for 4!


Least Favorite - Track 8. No hard feelings to the artists or producer but this record deserves all zeros because it doesn't show much effort at all. The singer can't sing and tried too hard on the background vocals which made the song even worse. The highlight of track 8 is definitely the featured rapper. Once again...we'll let the listeners be the judge!






'Give me Credit 2' 


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